Bathymetric LiDAR

Pelydryn are experts in the acquisition, interpretation and presentation of airborne bathymetric LiDAR Data

Pelydryn currently own and operate two Hawkeye LiDAR sensors.  Since 2009 we have worked closely with a range of clients from across the offshore sector.  We offer rapid, cost efficient solutions for safe and accurate bathymetric surveys in shallow water, complex coastal areas, rivers and estuarine environments.

Bathymetric LiDAR allows a cost effective solution to wide area surveys which are impossible, difficult or expensive to access or complete using conventional acoustic systems to depths of up to 50m (dependent upon water clarity)

Knowledge of the Coastal Zone is more than safety for vessels at sea. Coastal erosion, flood defence, climate change planning and environmental mapping are all part of this complex environment.  Pelydryn work with Client’s and partners to deliver tailor made solutions across the land sea interface.

Our team are experienced in a range of disciplines including hydrography, data processing and analysis and work with the Client to produce bespoke products and deliverables according to their requirements.


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  • Expanding Range of Deliverables

    Following the recent announcements by NOAA Office of Coastal Survey regarding the award of new Hydrographic Surveying Services Contracts, Pelydryn Ltd are pleased to announce that we are working with a number of partners to support NOAA on this 5yr IDIQ with combined Bathymetric/Topographic LiDAR data collection and processing. Pelydryn Ltd announced last week the […]

    11 August 2014

  • Pelydryn invest in the NEW Chiroptera ll

    Pelydryn are today delighted to announce that we have invested in the new and innovative Chiroptera ll. The Chiroptera ll will allow Pelydryn to collect high quality data in shallow water as well as higher resolution topographic and imagery data We are pleased to be at the tip of the industry’s technology development and continue […]

    24 July 2014

  • Bathymetric LiDAR in the UK

    Pelydryn have recently acquired and successfully processed Bathymetric LiDAR data, acquired from around the UK coastline. For several years we have only carried out projects in the rest of the world. However things are changing, just look at the results we have achieved!………

    22 July 2014